for international students in Southampton and Winchester

Culture Course 1: The Queen who saved her country

This event is for Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Masters/PhD) students only and is not suitable for children under 10.

Dinner and discussion at the home of Richard and Margaret Blake, and an opportunity to learn more about English culture, history and beliefs. A hot meal (with vegetarian options available) is followed by puddings, and then a talk from Richard. This event is free, but booking in advance is essential, as it is very popular, and numbers are limited. Please book via eventbrite.

The First Elizabeth – the Queen who saved her Country

The first culture course of this term looks at the role of Queen Elizabeth I (daughter of Henry VIII). Queen Elizabeth I ruled for 44 years, from 1558-1603, and had a significant influence on English history and culture.

Elizabeth reigned from 1558 to 1603, years when civil war threatened and powerful Spain tried to invade. England’s Protestant faith grew, Parliament become more powerful, English sailors explored the world, and Shakespeare wrote some of his plays. It was a dangerous, turbulent age – but England survived and thrived.

Free tickets will be available online via eventbrite. If you book tickets for this event then find you are unable to attend, please “return” the tickets by logging into eventbrite, so that another student can come instead.  We only have a total of 30 tickets available for this event.