for international students in Southampton and Winchester

Would you like to meet international students and welcome them to Southampton and Winchester?

Our Local Link scheme links international students with hosts from local church communities. Usually this involves inviting students for a meal in the host’s home. This year, depending on current government guidelines and the personal situation of the hosts, some might offer a meal in their home, others might meet up with students outside for a walk or others may feel happier to meet with them online.

Whichever way hosts are comfortable to be in contact with the students, this is a wonderful opportunity for international students to meet local Christians, to be welcomed and to learn about life in the UK. In the past international students have told us that their Local Link experience has been one of the highlights of their year.

Who can be a host?

We are looking for committed Christians who are part of a local church and who would like to offer a welcome to international students studying locally. Hosts can be single or married, with or without children. They can be younger, older or somewhere in between.

What is involved?

We contact our Local Link hosts at the beginning of each academic year to ask for confirmation of their availability in the coming year. Once international students start registering with us from mid-September, we link them with active hosts. Students register with us throughout the academic year so we are very happy to receive applications from new hosts at any time of the year.

You will usually be linked with two students, unless you specify otherwise, and we ask you to arrange to meet with them soon after the link has been made. We encourage hosts to stay in touch with the students throughout the year.

We ask all new hosts to read and confirm that they agree with the Local Link – Code of Conduct for hosts. Please do also read the Local Link – Terms & Conditions that the students agree to when they sign up.

How to register as a Local Link Host

If you would like to be linked with international students through the Local Link scheme, please fill in the online form below and we will then contact your referee before confirming your acceptance as a Local Link host. If using a mobile phone, we recommend you open the form in a new window.

If you have any questions about Local Link, please contact us.